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Threshold is a 360-degree dance film that opens a portal into the transformational journey of four women. Starting as isolated individuals grappling with the effects of trauma, the dancers create a ritual space to move in solidarity together with resilience and strength. Threshold highlights these themes not only through choreography, but also through spatial exploration of shifting 360-degree environments. Made in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Ilana Goldman. Access the film on youtube here. Please watch in headset for full experience!

Winner UFVA_Laurel_Leaves 2022.png
FIVARS_Laurel_Leaves 2022.png
ZED_Laurel_Leaves 2022.png
Thessa_Laurel_Leaves 2021.png
Chelsea_Laurel_Leaves 2022.png
VRE_Laurel_Leaves 2021.png
TWE_Laurel_Leaves 2022.png
ScreenDance_Laurel_Leaves 2021.png
N.Dakota_Laurel_Leaves 2022.png
SansSouci_Laurel_Leaves 2021.png
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