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Selected Filmography 2015-2019

Batay La (The Struggle)

password: thestruggle

Synopsis: In Haiti “Batay La" has been ongoing since before the slave revolution that founded the Caribbean nation. Led by anti-imperialist movement Batay Ouvriye, Haitian workers continue the revolutionary struggle.

To be completed May 2019 (Color, sound mix, and final subtitling still to come)

Roles: Director, Cinematographer, Co-Producer, Co-Writer


password: Lena NW

Synopsis: Self-proclaimed feminist nihilist Lena NW creates post-internet video games, rap, and comics. NW’s hypersexual art engages the complex relationship between commodification, domination, and self-empowerment in the internet age. Combining traditional documentary and virtual surrealism, V/IRL explores not only the artist’s themes, but also the formal techniques of contemporary, transdisciplinary art.

Completed 2017 

Roles: Director, Cinematographer, Co-Editor, Producer


password: site specific

Synopsis: The rolling hills and ancient villages of Tuscany provide the backdrop for Alluvium, both an experimental documentary about art-making and a piece of art in itself. As artists from across Italy gather to create work in and inspired by the Tuscan landscape, Alluvium observes their praxis, then quietly drifts into its own. The stunning cinematography makes magic of the process of finding inspiration, as it slips between reality and illusion, observation and performance.

Completed 2017 

Roles: Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer


Synopsis: Klasse tracks back to the winter of 1938 in Jewish Hamburg at the height of WWII in a classroom kept just as it was during the war. The chairs, desks, chalkboards and solid walls are reminders of the haunting fixity of place against the trace of memories left as records of a tortuous time. The intimate cast of German middle school students and professional dancers bring to life letters written between young classmates as they left one by one on the Kindertransport, reimagining the courageous spirit of children with uncertain futures, both then and now.

Completed 2015 

Roles: Director, Director of Photography (with hired Camera Operator), Editor, Co-Producer

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